Times can be tough. All it can is some work or money stress to ruin your day. Also, an uncertain political environment can also dampen one’s mood.

Seeing the nonstop news updates about politics can get pretty depressing at times. Social media may seem like a good way to escape, but it’s not the cure to happiness.

Seeing your friends enjoying their lives, getting a new job, or traveling the world can make you feel like you’re missing out on life.

The solution? Getting off of social media. Seriously. Shutting off your phone or deleting those social media apps from your phone is a great way to reduce stress.

Delete those apps, updates, and notifications. No more “FOMO.” No more unhappy thoughts. No more stress and anxiety.

If you find yourself constantly checking your emails, social media, and notifications, you may be addicted. You probably feel as if you’re going to miss out on something major. That’s not true 100 percent of the time.

Plus, being addicted to the internet and technology, in general, can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Do you absolutely need your phone for work or emergency situations? Here are some alternatives on avoiding the social media trap. I have tried some of these solutions myself.

Did you know that there’s a positive side to social media? For example, you can watch uplifting videos, cute animals and babies, or read positive news. Yes, you can use social media for the greater good.

Yes, you can use social media for the greater good. Here is 100 things that you will find are a lot better than being on social media all day.

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  1. Sleeping in or taking a nap.
  2. Watching cat videos.
  3. Chilling with your pet.
  4. Volunteering at the animal shelter.
  5. Volunteering in general.
  6. Reading a good book.
  7. Signing up for a new class.
  8. Reading about history or the government.
  9. Watching adorable baby videos.
  10. Reading positive news sites.
  11. Working out or starting a new workout program.
  12. Meditating
  13. Talking to your friends, one-on-one, in person.
  14. Spending time with loved ones.
  15. Taking a walk in nature.
  16. Wild ‘idlin — enjoying doing nothing.
  17. Making a hearty meal.
  18. Going to the mall.
  19. Watching Lifetime movies.
  20. Watching Hallmark movies.
  21. Watching Turner Classic Movies.
  22. Giving a friend or relative a makeover.
  23. Giving yourself a manicure or pedicure.
  24. Making art.
  25. Creating a vision board for your life goals.
  26. Traveling
  27. Learning something new on the internet.
  28. Watching a documentary.
  29. Learning a new language.
  30. Painting
  31. Rock climbing
  32. Skiing
  33. Bungee jumping
  34. Skydiving or jumping out of a plane.
  35. Going to Walt Disney World.
  36. Riding a rollercoaster.
  37. Learning about coding and HTML.
  38. Donating your belongings to a homeless shelter.
  39. Netflix and chilling by yourself or with a friend.
  40. Reading to children at your local library.
  41. Going to the library.
  42. Going to the museum.
  43. Taking a relaxing bubble bath.
  44. Laying on the ground and looking at the stars.
  45. Going to the beach.
  46. Going on a road trip.
  47. Dancing around in your bedroom.
  48. Listening to feel good music.
  49. Listening to a TEDTalk or Super Soul Sunday.
  50. Taking photos of nature.
  51. Hiking
  52. Learning how to play an instrument.
  53. Playing an online game.
  54. Driving around your town late at night.
  55. Taking a relaxing warm shower.
  56. Calling an old friend.
  57. Going to the local coffee shop and enjoying the sights and sounds around you.
  58. Going to the farmer’s market and buying fresh fruit and vegetables.
  59. Going to the movies.
  60. Swimming
  61. Booking your next vacation.
  62. Checking out a Broadway show or theater play.
  63. Looking at photos of beaches and islands online.
  64. Learning a new culture.
  65. Feeding the birds.
  66. Riding your bike around town.
  67. Skateboarding, riding a scooter, etc.
  68. Running through the sprinklers.
  69. Going back to school. Getting your degree. Continuing your education.
  70. Visiting a thrift store.
  71. Striking up a conversation with a stranger.
  72. Hosting a game night with a close group of friends.
  73. Going to a convention.
  74. Going on a solo retreat.
  75. Writing in your journal.
  76. Writing a letter to someone.
  77. Writing a letter to your future self.
  78. Listening to an inspiring audiobook.
  79. Taking care of yourself.
  80. Practicing self-love.
  81. Having lunch with a friend or co-worker.
  82. People watching
  83. Staring out your window.
  84. Laying in the grass.
  85. Going to a concert.
  86. Going to a music festival.
  87. Practicing Lagom or Hygge.
  88. Going to trivia night at your local restaurant, lounge, or bar.
  89. Watching television (no news, though!)
  90. Cleaning out your garage, attic, basement, etc.
  91. Taking a cooking class.
  92. Taking yourself out on a date and checking out a new restaurant.
  93. Meeting someone new.
  94. Joining a women’s support group.
  95. Helping someone in need.
  96. Practicing your handwriting.
  97. Laughing out loud
  98. Practicing yoga
  99. Eating chocolate
  100. Hanging out at a bookstore.

Now you know what to do the next time you find yourself reaching for your phone or scrolling through your social media feed. You don’t have to do all these things on this list.

You don’t have to do all these things on this list. If you have a fear of heights, I wouldn’t suggest that you should try bungee jumping or skydiving.

Maybe you want to do something safer like taking a walk in nature or going for a swimming. They will still give you the same happy feelings and thoughts that the other activities on here do.

Try two or three of the suggestions each week or weekend. Build your list as you go. Make your own list of activities that you find are better than using social media. Share your comments and suggestions below with the rest of my readers.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


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