Summer is a pain in the butt, especially if you live in New England. Almost everyday it’s in the upper 80s or 90s.

I wasn’t going to use my blow dryer and flat iron. So, I kept wearing my hair up in a ponytail. I used those black elastic bands that aren’t good for your hair and just give you a headache all the time.

I’m a mixed chick, so I have naturally curly and coarse hair. (I am a mix between 4B and 4C curls.)

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to style my coarse and curly hair other than throwing it up in a ponytail.

I searched countless times on YouTube for wash-and-go styles and easy curly hair routines. I couldn’t get any of them down.

I even checked out my favorites like AndreasChoice and SunKiss Alba for some tips. I knew there had to be another way.

My PuffCuff Review

I came across a commercial for the PuffCuff one afternoon. I was intrigued by how it worked, so I ordered the Original PuffCuff, which retails for $15.00.

PuffCuff Original

When it arrived, I was intimated by large it is. Here are the measurements for the Original PuffCuff:


  • Height: 5.375 inches
  • Width: 4.875 inches

I thought it was too lightweight to hold onto my hair, let alone stay in my hair! I thought it was going to be so flimsy that it would fly out.

But, I was pleasantly surprised. It clasped and stayed right in my hair without ruining my curls or giving me a headache.

I couldn’t believe how it made my curls look. They looked longer and stretched out. I looked as if I had more hair without the hassle! Check out my photos below for yourself.

me wearing puffcuff

I was hooked. So, I ordered the PuffCuff Junior, which is a two-pack that retails for $16.99. It’s a slightly smaller version of the Original PuffCuff and has the following measurements:


  • Height: 3.75 inches
  • Width: 3.125 inches

I find the Original PuffCuff to be ideal for special occasions while the PuffCuff Junior is more for those who want more styling options. For example, you can throw your braids or locs up into a bun or a twist. There is a lot more than you can do with the PuffCuff Junior.

puffcuff junior

I was totally impressed with both of these products. I love that they both give you easy styling options for those who want to transition back to natural hair, don’t want to use heat styling products, or want something cute to wear on a hot summer’s day.

How to Use the PuffCuff

Don’t think this tool won’t hold onto your hair. The PuffCuff Hair Clamp was designed to grab your hair and hold onto it so that it doesn’t fall out. Even though it looks like a banana clip or pony comb, it’s not the same thing since it was made specifically for coarse and curly hair.

how to use the puffcuff
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To Use:

1. If you have extremely thick hair, you may want to dampen it with water or your favorite moisturizer.

2. Gather hair as if creating a ponytail.

3. While holding hair, INSERT (we stress INSERT) the teeth of one arm of the PuffCuff into hair at the base of puff, as close to the scalp as possible.

4. While still holding gathered hair, use free hand to insert teeth of the opposite arm into hair as close to the base of puff on the opposite side of head.

5. Do NOT let go of gathered hair. Insert both arms into the hair at the base of puff, push arms toward each other overlapping the hooks. Gently pull arms in opposite direction to interlock hooks and close the clamp.

6. Let go of gathered hair. Fluff and enjoy a painless puff!

Still confused? Here are some video tutorials to help you out.

About the PuffCuff

The PuffCuff was designed by Ceata E. Lash. Since she was making the transition from relaxed to natural hair, she was on the hunt for hair accessories that would accommodate the natural thickness and texture of her hair.

“I became determined to find a solution, but it just didn’t exist. As I became more aware of other African American women making the same transition — all with similar hair texture and hairstyles, it became clear we all had the same need for an easy-to-use styling tool that would help us achieve quick looks without stressing our hair. We also needed it to be sanitary, durable and affordable. A little more research revealed that there were others — men and women with curly hair, dread locks and braids — who were experiencing the same styling woes. It was then that the concept of the PuffCuff was born, but I wouldn’t let myself imagine that I could be the one to invent, manufacture and retail it myself.”

Ceata sought inspiration through her grandmother, who was nearing death. She knew she had a great idea and just couldn’t leave it lying around. Ceata’s grandmother lived out her dreams and lived a fulfilling life. She knew she had to do the same. The PuffCuff LLC launched in November of 2013 and the first PuffCuff was available for purchase in February 2014.

Putting it All Together

I believe in this product because it absolutely changed the way I styled my hair. Now I can embrace my naturally curly hair anytime I want. It’s so easy and versatile to use.

The great thing about the PuffCuff is that you can also sleep with it on since it’s so lightweight and it doesn’t squeeze your head.

I would suggest piling your hair at the top of your head, pineapple style. Then, place a satin cap over your head to protect it at night.

puffcuff sizing guide
[Image by]
This is not a one-size-fits-all product. They have different sizes for different hair types. Gather your hair as if you’re creating a ponytail and match your fist size to the chart above.Don’t think you can only use one PuffCuff size. The PuffCuff was made to create different hairstyles. You can go wild and create a “frohawk” using three PuffCuff Micros or create a double puff using two PuffCuff Minis. The styles are endless and it doesn’t even cost much to try it out.I would totally recommend the PuffCuff to curly hair girls and women of color. If you’re like me and you struggle to style your naturally curly hair, then this is the tool for you. If you’re still an ace at styling your hair but you want something different, then definitely give this a try.

(Note: I did not receive this product for free, nor did I get paid to write this review. I bought this product on my own accord.)

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