“Unless you’ve been in her shoes you won’t know her story. So, don’t judge.” – Unknown

Shoes and women’s empowerment are hardly related. Until now.

Meet Shaherazad Umbreen of Shoes by Shaherazad. Her brand is all about women’s empowerment. From the branding of her shoes to the destination of the profits, she makes sure she represents every kind of woman. 

Shoes by Shaherazad promotes the diversity of women. Everyone is represented in this brand, which is still hard to find these days. 

And, every shoe fits each woman beautifully. She makes sure to use only “real” materials for real women. 

These shoes may look like a Mary Jane or kitten heel, but they’re far from it. This is nothing that you’ll find in any shoe store. They’re based on a Flamingo Philosophy, which allows you to stand up to 18 hours on end. 

Shaherazad created these shoes for the woman who’s on her feet all day and all night.  

These shoes come with another purpose. Shoes by Shaherazad provides women and girls living in poverty with opportunities for educational and financial gain. Not only does she empower the women that wear these shoes, but she’s also empowering women across the globe. 

“My brand is all about empowered women of today empowering women of the future. Let us stand together with the grace and elegance of flamingos.” – Shaherazad Umbreen

shaherazad umbreen of shoes by shaherazad

Why does she focus on women and girls? Inequality is prevalent across the globe. Gender is still a huge factor when it comes to pursuing one’s degree or starting a new career. 

Flamingos are the symbol of equality. Every purchase goes directly to the Solidarity by Shaherazad program. The brand has already empowered women and girls as far as Kenya, Pakistan, Peru, and Palestine. 

Using real women is important to Shaherazad. She makes sure that her branding and materials focus on real women who are not Photoshopped.

She hires a diverse group of models in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ethnicities. She wants to make sure that her brand celebrates the diversity of women. 

Each shoe and heel is hand crafted and made in England. Though the heels aren’t tall, they will make you stand tall. Inspired by flamingos, this shoe’s unique body weight provides 18 hours of wear. 

black flamingos blush flamingos shoes

Women can make their shoes their own. Flamingos can be transformed with their bold and intricate pieces of “shoellery” or jewelry for shoes. These patent leather heels come in your choice of English Black and English Blush and Mulberry. You can add a variety of styles and colors to their shoes with the custom-made straps. 

Shoes by Shaherazad come in empowering names such as Don’t Wait Up, Dream Then Do, Equally Ever After, Rock The Boardroom, Take My Lead, and Time To Bloom. Shoes by Shaherazad take you from the office to dinner with your girlfriends.

They go with everything in a woman’s wardrobe. You can wear them with a chiffon blouse and cigarette pants, and with a little black dress. You can even dress them or dress them down. They’re so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them well into the weekend. 

The best way to wear these 18-hour shoes is to try them out for yourself. Compare them to the pumps and heels in your shoe wardrobe. These heels are designed to fit a “standard” shoe size, meaning they won’t fit wide or narrow feet. 

Shoes by Shaherazad is currently designing a Flamingo shoe that can fit varying width sizes. The 18-hour heels will work if you commit to wearing them, take good care of them, and take good care of yourself.  

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