Victoria’s Secret is not doing so hot. Sales have plummeted for the past few months. L Brands shared its tumble for its awful June sales. Shares dropped 14 percent that same day.

According to the press release:

“The company reported net sales of $4.424 billion for the 22 weeks ended July 1, 2017, a decrease of 6 percent compared to net sales of $4.727 billion for the 22 weeks ended July 2, 2016. Comparable sales for the 22 weeks ended July 1, 2017, decreased 9 percent. For the 22 weeks ended July 1, 2017, the exit of the swim and apparel categories had a negative impact of about 7 percentage points and 10 percentage points.”

Removing swimwear and apparel had a negative impact on Victoria’s Secret sales. Here are some ways the struggling lingerie giant can bounce back from its struggle.

Bring back its popular swimsuit line

One of the biggest mistakes Victoria’s Secret made was doing away with its swimsuit line.

What the heck were they thinking? That contributed to the plummeting sales that took place over the months.

Victoria’s Secret could’ve cashed in on swimsuit season. They lost out.

They should bring back their swimsuit line. The lingerie brand should look to social media for the trends.

For example, younger women are wearing high-cut one-piece swimsuits and retro bikinis.

The itsy-bitsy teenie weenie bikini isn’t going to cut it. Victoria’s Secret has to think about the changing times.

Their women want to feel sexy yet covered up. They don’t want to wear a swimsuit that has cut-outs or shows a lot of skin.

Women hate swimsuit shopping. They hate the little options out there. They know that most of the swimsuit trends aren’t flattering.

Victoria’s Secret can take back control of the swimsuit industry. They can sell the swimwear that women will want to wear.

Take a look at this hilarious video for instance. (Listen up, Victoria’s Secret!)

Announce the return of its glossy catalog

What is Victoria’s Secret without its coveted sexy catalog?

Another online lingerie retailer. It’s like Playboy without nudity in the pages of its magazines.

Men and women loved the Victoria’s Secret catalog, albeit for different reasons. It produced a lot of sales, especially around the holidays.

It produced a lot of sales, especially around the holidays. Victoria’s Secret is nothing without its catalog and the sluggish sales prove it.

The brand should offer a paper version and a digital version of its catalog. It could also offer the catalog via the Victoria’s Secret app.

Customers can place orders on the app instead of calling customer service.

Revamp the Victoria’s Secret mobile app

Speaking of which, Victoria’s Secret needs to capitalize on its app. It has positive reviews on iOS and Android.

As the retail industry flounders, mobile sales will grow in the next few years. Victoria’s Secret knows that mobile shopping is the future of the industry. They’re not dumb.

The brand should make their app an extension of their online site instead of an exact replica.

Burberry created its own social media site with Art of the Trench. Victoria’s Secret should do the same by creating its own community for young women.

Customers can share selfies of themselves rocking the latest looks. They can also interact and share their posts on social media, to further drive traffic and sales.

Reintroduce its apparel in a whole new way

Victoria’s Secret baffled customers when it did away with its clothing line. Some were happy with their collection of jeans, sweaters, coats, and accessories.

The brand said it wanted to focus only on its lingerie and lounge wear.

Guess what? Athleisure is more than a trend. It’s become a way of life. It’s not slowing down anytime soon, according to recent reports.

Victoria’s Secret rode the athleisure trend for a while. At least it seemed like that. The brand only offers full-length and capri-style leggings. They also have sports bras and their PINK loungewear line, which caters to teens and young women.

They don’t have to bring back their old clothing line. They can bring back a clothing line that combines the best of their workout and loungewear items.

Hire a new crop of Victoria’s Secret Angels

One last reason why Victoria’s Secret isn’t doing well is their Angels. I don’t know about you, but it seems like their models are getting skinnier each year.

I remember models who had “The Body” like Heidi Klum, Laetitia Casta, and Tyra Banks. Those were the days.

This is not a body shaming rant. They should feature models of all shapes and sizes. Their competitor, Aerie, is a great example with their No-Photoshop social media campaign.

Not only do they feature all kinds of women, but they feature them with flaws and all. Their social media campaign isn’t perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Victoria’s Secret received criticism for featuring thin models that they still Photoshop. It sends a poor message to young women who look up to the Angels and the brand.

Their customers don’t care about their models. The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is losing viewers each year. Even Kendall Jenner, and Gigi and Bella Hadid can’t reel them in.

Say goodbye to sexy lingerie forever

Victoria’s Secret needs to be less like Frederick’s of Hollywood and more like Jockey.

Its customers aren’t looking for lingerie that lasts for five seconds. They want T-shirt bras, lounge bras, bralettes, and maternity bras.

Women hate wearing bras that have push-ups, padding, and underwire. Point blank, they want lingerie that’s practical and comfortable.

It’s why they’re turning to brands like ThirdLove, Soma, True & Co., Thinx, Journelle, and Harlow & Fox.

Victoria’s Secret needs to embrace changes

Victoria’s Secret needs to reinvent itself. There’s nothing wrong with a little rebranding. They need to keep up with the times and with customers’ demands.

  • Bring back their swimsuit line. And, market it on social media or their Swim Fashion Show.
  • Bring back the catalog in a big way. Create a digital version that allows customers to immediately order online.
  • Revamp the Victoria’s Secret app. Make it even better by enabling easier purchasing and including a digital catalog.
  • Bring back apparel. Hop onto the athleisure trend. Include more than sports bras and PINK loungewear.
  • Have more of a diverse crop of supermodels. Feature models of all shapes, sizes, heights, and ethnicities.
  • Revamp its branding. Do away with the VERY SEXY line. Include more comfortable and practical bras and panties.

What are your thoughts on Victoria’s Secret struggling sales? What do you think the retailer needs to do to get back on top again?

Share your ideas. Sound off below in the comments section.

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